IFC stands for “Industry Foundation Classes” and is an open standard used in the construction industry for the digital modeling and information sharing of various construction projects, buildings, and infrastructures. An IFC model consists of various objects and their properties, which describe different aspects of a construction project such as geometry, materials, structures, components, types, locations, etc.

Simplified, the IFC file format is like a PDF. Just as there are various software for processing text and images, there are modeling software programs, each with its own specific file format. To make one’s work universally readable, a PDF is issued for documents, and an IFC file for models.

IFC files can be compiled into a combined model to allow for the checking of geometric compatibility, and designers can also use IFC files in their own software to reference the work of other parties.

The time for processing various functions in IFC models varies. It can take from a few minutes up to half an hour. If an email has not arrived after 30 minutes, please contact us

SimsalaBIM brings efficiency to your daily work. The software is capable of completing an 8-hour task in just 30 minutes. SimsalaBIM is designed for you if you value your time and resources, because it allows you to enrich IFC files without having to learn complex software!

There could be several reasons:

  1. The IFC you are using lacks the base quantities that you need to know for various reasons.

  2. Your existing IFC model is located at the wrong coordinates and does not align with the rest of the sub-models. The model coordinate modification function can solve this problem.

  3. You want to reduce the detail level of the IFC to decrease the file size. With the Boxify tool function, it’s possible to make the IFC volumes over 50% lighter.

Open the received IFC model in a completely new file. If you open it in a file where there has previously been a model located in the wrong coordinate system, it will affect the positioning of the new IFC and will not show the correct result.

Currently, the simsalaBIM program is not capable of processing data from Excel to IFC format. However, you can write to info@tarcon.ee, and we will try to offer a solution to your problem